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August 29, 2010


Thanks for showing your stages, that's awesome. Do you use pencil to put your image onto the canvas first? Wonderful colours at the very end!

Thank you:) yeah I almost always start with a light graphite sketch then go over that with a medium brown paint and a fine liner brush before I start adding color. Erasing all the original graphite is key. If I don't it always ends up polluting the paler colors.

It is incredible to see the transformation in these photos - the second last photo looks amazing (I thought that was the finished product) and then you see the FINAL photo and realise you could make it even better! I agree with Sandy above, the colours at the very end are just wonderful - they really 'pop'. You are crazy talented - just amazing! I adore your work.

Thank you:)

WOW it's absolutely amaizng to see something from start to finish and it's absolutely GORGEOUS!

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